Market Research

Market research is a process by which market & business data is collected and analyzed. The created knowledge, could be used in all types of decision-making, whether strategic, tactical or operational, leading to move forward to achieve organizational goals with much more confident.

If you have decided to enter Iran’s market and have concerns and ambiguities about how procedures are done in Iran, whether your product fits the culture or not, how regulations affect your business, the status of local competitors and potential customers, finding commercial partners and so on, you are in need of an applicable thorough market research report. The outcome of this market study would result in clearer and easier decision-making.

Therefore, IHIT and its partners intend to accompany you on your journey to better work experience in Iran’s marketplace.


ILIA Management Consulting Firm

ILIA is a management consultancy firm operating in Iran which helps local and international businesses to operate successfully in the market. ILIA walks along with its clients during all the stages of their development from market research to action-oriented solutions.

ILIA has a solid background when it comes to managing international projects. The international mindset combined with a comprehensive understanding of Iran’s market and a broad network of experts who have gained the experience of working on different projects and multiple industries which in turn enriches ILIA’s community of team members and results in delivering exceptional work.


Market Research Services:

By Methodology:

A-General Secondary Market Research (1-2 weeks)

B-Custom Secondary Market Research (1-2 months)

C-Primary Market Research (based on method(s) 1-2 months)

D-Full Research(B&C) (based on method(s) 2-3 months)

E- Consulting & Advisory based on research result. (depends on strategy)


*Secondary: Desk research

*Primary: Interviews, Surveys, conducting focus groups, mystery shopping (in case needed)


By Topic:

-Market Overview

-Market and Environment analysis (PESTLE, …)

-Target market/customer analysis

-Competitive intelligence

-Strategy & planning

-Insights & Innovation

-Economic analysis


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