To help the development and growth of your business in the digital space, Vira software company offers all services you would need for this purpose.

This covers such services as: Website design, SEO and optimization, application design, social networks services, portal design, web application design, etc.

Guaranteed quality, time and cost-efficiency are among the key commitments Vira undertakes.


Products/ Services: BuyNow is a connected smart store, that doesn’t need any salesperson. It’s a smart shelf / fridge that identifies the goods inside, the customer and detects shopping process, then it deducts the fee from your Buynow account / credit card. The goods inside Buynow are monitored by our supply chain algorithm and refilling process is done by our team, then the shelves are always full. We place it in work spaces, gyms, schools… and everyone has access to a 24/7 smart store, for everyday shopping.