Novin Fund

Tavanmandsazan Fanavarihaye Novin company (Partner general and investment leader for New Technologies Development Fund) was established in Pardis Technology Park in January 2016, with the aim of providing funding, empowering and market development services to technological plans and knowledge-based companies, using the support and experience of New Technologies Development Fund, while benefiting from the network of facilitator consultants, startups and companies active in the field of technology. Seeing the potential of the New Technologies Development Fund in capital ventures, this company offers the following services to set the stage for appropriate investment in the technology ecosystem.


Products/Services: 1. Identification, absorption and management of financial resources of institutions and natural and legal entities for investment in startups and technological plans. 2. Identification, assessment and evaluation of startups and technological plans. 3. Leading and empowering startups and technological plans.